How to cover a broken car window

Apply These Secret Techniques To Improve How To Cover A Broken Car Window

With all the cars on the road today, it’s essential to get your vehicle up and running in no time. Whether you need to replace a window, fix a flat tire, or clean up the car’s interior, you can get help from many resources. Learn how to cover a broken car window and how to get it up and running.

Materials Required

Whether you’ve just discovered how to cover a broken car window, or you’ve been given the keys to a brand-new car and are wondering how they open, you may have noticed a bizarre design quirk on the door windows of modern vehicles.

  1. It is important to know how to quickly repair your window
  2. Basic things you require are A knife or a razor
  3. Small hammer
  4. A piece of cloth or towel
  5. A roll of duct tape
  6. A piece cut from a CD
  7. A small piece of cardboard
  8. Towel to dry the glass
  9. A hammer to break the glass

 Remove the Glass

If you’re looking at how to cover a broken car window, you’ll probably find a huge selection of glass repair kits, and they can be messy and expensive. There’s a better way, and we’re about to show you how to cover a broken car window

  1. Use suction to remove the glass
  2. Use putty and a knife to remove the glass
  3. Use razor blades to cut the glass
  4. Use a wet towel to remove glass safely

Clean the Window Frame

When we have an accident, our first instinct is to cover the damage as quickly as possible. However, if we were to start pushing our car off the road simply, we would be faced with uncooperative passers-by, an uncertain outcome, and a lot more frustration and time than we need! What’s the solution? If you’ve ever broken a car window or had your frame damaged, you know the pain of being unable to shut out the noises of the outside world. Unfortunately, very few people know how to cover a broken car window and frame. The SpeedLicense allows you to place whatever you see into the window of your car and quickly and easily repair the damage.

Prepare the Plastic and Tape

Thanks to the proliferation of high-tech adhesives, window repair has become a lot easier. But the adage that you should never force something brittle or breakable like PVC or tape to a window is still valid. If you want your window to hold up better, be sure to prepare the plastic and tape.

Tape the Plastic Garbage Bag

If you have a window broken by a car or other vehicle and the plastic garbage bag is stuck to the broken glass, what do you think will happen? The answer is simple – the plastic bag will rip away and leave you with a broken window and a few dollars in the form of a replacement plastic garbage bag.

Create the Seal

A car window is one of the most exposed parts of your vehicle, so it’s essential to care for it. Most broken car windows can be fixed with a small amount of tape or reinforced plastic, but the glass can still shatter. And since most owners don’t know how, they often end up with a large chunk of glass sticking out of their car, making it more challenging to drive.

Safety Concerns

As it stands, the cost of an auto window replacement in the US is staggering, at around $50, and the need for a new window is inevitable. But what if you don’t have to replace the window itself—what if it can just be replaced with a different type of glass? Such a possibility has been demonstrated by MIT researchers, who created window panes that were completely transparent—and yet still fully functional.

What are the benefits of covering a broken car window?

There are many benefits to covering a car window after a crash. Keeping the car air-conditioned helps to reduce the chance of injuries from the outside air. By covering the car, you prevent the sun from baking the vehicle surfaces. And, most importantly, you protect the interior of the car from debris and water.

What are the do and don’t of covering a broken car window?

If you have a broken car window it can cost you anywhere from $100 to $2,000. This is based on how old the car is, as well as the type of window it has. Newer cars tend to cost less to fix than older cars, and if it’s a standard or convertible car, the window is more likely to be tempered glass rather than safety glass. Also, the type of insurance you have will determine how much you will be paying out of pocket, and if your car is worth more than the window is worth, then you will be paying extra for the window.

Can you drive with a broken car window?

 Broken car windows can be a hassle to deal with. They make you late for work, they make your car unattractive, and they make you feel unsafe. Luckily, there are ways to cover them without having to go to the expense of a new car window. Most auto glass shops will sell you the tape for $100 – $200. It’s a good investment if you have to replace broken car windows often.


Many of our customers report wanting to replace a shattered window but don’t want to take the time to do the job themselves. So they call us and we come to the rescue. On a recent job we were asked to replace a car window after it was shattered. The client needed a new window to be fitted quickly, so we sent an operative straight to the customer’s home.

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