Privacy Policy is always concerned about you and your data privacy. We are welcome to contact us, with any questions or problems with your data whenever you want. will be happy to assist you.

While you are visiting you agree to the processing of your personal information as described in this privacy policy section.


How we gather data


Directly Collected Data: We don’t collect any data directly from you. As you observe some of the other websites collect data through the login form. While Signup/login in, you may provide a unique Email Address, Contact Number, Home Address, Postal Code, etc. But doesn’t require any login stage to access its resources. All resources are free for all.

Comments Information:  Yes, we collect our visitors’ leave comments in the comment section then we collect the data that visitors entered in the comments box, browser user agent string, and visitor’s IP address to detect spam. When a comment is approved, the comment will be visible to the public.

Automatic Collected Data: When you visit any website then some information is automatically stored by cookies and other session tools. These pieces of information like devices IP address, shopping cart, or login credentials from those specific websites. collects only IP addresses as it has no login system.

[Note: Cookies are small files about a user, stored on the user’s own computer by the website or servers. ]

Information from our partners: has no partner company and is not planning to go into a partnership with others till now. If they plan for partnership in the future then its user must be informed. But we work with some processing partners like Google Analytics and Amazon Associates.

Technical Information: To enhance the user experience and navigate the sites on users’ devices easily we collect some other information too.

  1. Connecting Method to the Internet.
  2. Operating System
  3. Time Zone
  4. Browser Name
  5. Browser Type
  6. From where the visitor came
  7. Visitor’s Destination
  8. Interaction throughout the site

Through contact, us Form: While visitors want to contact us, we collect some initial data like the message, Name, and Email for replay.


How use Personal Data


The data we collected was kept private with users and us. To provide our service properly these data are being used. We collect comments to learn about the thinking you share. Through your mail address, we reply to your questions and build up communication between us.

Your browser specification is used to provide you with relevant code/data to give you an established user experience and secure and safe operation between computer/Phone/Tab and servers.

As we mentioned about our processing partners [Google Analytics and Amazon Associates], they can access the technical information that you provided to us. And both of them are reputed and authoritative companies that provide high-level security to your Data.


Also, ensures to disclose all data to third parties after getting your consent to it or if they show some legal demand for it.


Children: CarsMechinary doesn’t target or knowingly intend to interact with them.


[Note: To stop tracking by Google analytics – SEE THIS ]


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