The Benefits of Extending Your Hyundai Engine Warranty

The Hyundai engine warranty extension applies to vehicles that are driven less than 5,000 miles per year. The coverage is for 8 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. This extension is in addition to the standard 5-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty.

If you own a Hyundai, you may be eligible for an engine warranty extension. The original warranty on your Hyundai engine is 10 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. However, if you have experienced certain issues with your engine, you may be covered under the extended warranty.

The following issues are covered under the extended warranty: oil leaks, coolant leaks, and engine noise. If you have experienced any of these problems with your Hyundai engine, contact your local dealer to see if you are eligible for coverage under the extended warranty.


Will Hyundai Replace My Engine under Warranty?

If you have a Hyundai that is still under warranty, then you may be wondering if the company will replace your engine if it needs repairs. The answer to this question is yes, Hyundai will replace your engine under warranty. However, there are certain conditions that must be met in order for this to happen.

First and foremost, the issue with your engine must be covered by the warranty. This means that if your engine fails due to an issue that is not included in the warranty, then you will not be eligible for a replacement engine from Hyundai. Secondly, even if your issue is covered by the warranty, Hyundai may only provide a replacement engine if the repair costs exceed a certain percentage of the total value of the car.

This percentage varies depending on the model of Hyundai and how long ago it was purchased, but it is typically around 50%. So, if you have a Hyundai that is still under warranty and you are having issues with its engine, then you can contact Hyundai customer service to see if you qualify for a replacement engine. Keep in mind that there are some restrictions and requirements that must be met in order for this to happen.

What Does Hyundai Extended Engine Warranty Cover?

When you purchase a new Hyundai, it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers most repairs and maintenance for the first few years or miles driven (whichever comes first). However, this basic warranty may not cover everything – which is where an extended warranty comes in. An extended warranty is an insurance policy on your vehicle, and it can provide coverage for repairs and replacements that are not covered by your standard manufacturer’s warranty.

So, what does Hyundai extended engine warranty cover? In general, an extended warranty will cover major components of your vehicle such as the engine, transmission, drivetrain, electrical system, and more. It may also cover other parts and systems depending on the specific plan you choose.

Most importantly, an extended warranty can give you peace of mind knowing that you have protection against expensive repairs down the road. If you’re considering purchasing an extended warranty for your Hyundai, be sure to do your research so you understand exactly what is covered and what isn’t. And always read the fine print before signing any contract!

Do Hyundai Engines Have Lifetime Warranty?

Yes, Hyundai engines do have a lifetime warranty. This is one of the reasons why Hyundai vehicles are so popular; they offer excellent value for money. The warranty covers the engine and transmission, and is transferable to subsequent owners.

It’s important to note that the warranty does not cover wear and tear, or routine maintenance items such as oil changes.

Why are Hyundai Engines Failing?

There have been a few reports of Hyundai engines failing, but it’s unclear why this is happening. Some possible explanations include manufacturing defects, poor quality control, or using subpar materials. However, until Hyundai releases more information, it’s difficult to say for sure what the cause is.

If you own a Hyundai with an engine that has failed, you may be entitled to compensation from the company. If you’re experiencing engine problems, contact your local dealership or call Hyundai customer service to see if you qualify for a recall or warranty repair.

What Hyundai Engines are Being Recalled?

Hyundai is recalling over 470,000 vehicles in the U.S. due to engine fires. The recall covers certain 2011-2014 Sonatas and 2013-2014 Santa Fe Sports with 2-liter or 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engines. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it has received reports of more than 400 fires in the affected vehicles, although no injuries have been reported.

Hyundai says a software update will fix the problem by detecting engine knocks and adjusting firing accordingly. Vehicle owners will be notified starting in early May, and repairs will be done free of charge.

How Do I Get My Hyundai Extended Warranty?

If your Hyundai is still under its factory warranty, you don’t need to do anything to get an extended warranty. If your factory warranty has expired, you can purchase an extended warranty through a dealership or third-party provider. Be sure to shop around and compare prices before you buy.

Hyundai Engine Warranty Extension


Hyundai Sonata Engine Warranty Extension

Hyundai Motor Company is extending the warranty on its Theta II engines to 10 years and 120,000 miles. The move comes after reports of engine failures in some Sonata and Santa Fe vehicles. The original warranty covered 5 years or 60,000 miles, whichever came first.

Hyundai will begin notifying affected owners by mail this month. The extended warranty will cover repairs related to engine failure or excessive oil consumption. Hyundai says it has improved the design of the Theta II engine since the problems were first reported, and that newer engines are not affected.

But the company is offering the extended warranty as a goodwill gesture to customers who may still be concerned about their vehicle’s reliability. If you own a Hyundai Sonata or Santa Fe with a Theta II engine, be sure to check your mail for notification of the extended warranty coverage. And if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact your local Hyundai dealer for more information.

Hyundai Tucson Engine Warranty Extension

Hyundai has announced an extension to their engine warranty for the Tucson model. The original warranty was for 5 years or 60,000 miles, but has been extended to 10 years or 120,000 miles. This is great news for Tucson owners, as they can have peace of mind knowing that their engines are covered for a longer period of time.

This extension applies to all Tucsons sold in the United States, and will cover any repairs that may be needed due to engine defects. If you own a Tucson and have questions about this warranty extension, please contact your local Hyundai dealer for more information.

Hyundai Warranty Extension Settlement

If you’re a Hyundai owner, you may be eligible for a refund as part of a recent settlement. Hyundai has agreed to extend the warranty on certain vehicles after it was discovered that they had been overstating the mileage on the odometer. This means that if your vehicle is covered under the settlement, you may be able to get a refund for repairs or maintenance that would normally not be covered by your warranty.

If you think you may be affected by this settlement, you can check to see if your vehicle is included on the list of affected models. If it is, then you’ll need to file a claim form in order to receive any benefits from the settlement. The deadline to file a claim is March 31, 2020, so don’t delay if you think you may be eligible.

Thissettlement affects a lot of people, so ifyou have any questions about it, please feel free touse the comments section below and I’ll do my bestto answer them.


Hyundai is happy to announce that they are extending their engine warranty for an additional 10 years. This means that if anything goes wrong with your engine, Hyundai will fix it for free. This is a great way for Hyundai to show their customers that they are committed to quality and customer satisfaction.

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